Friday, March 1, 2013

McAuley Basketball Game

My alma mater, McAuley High School, has been dominating the state of Maine in girls' basketball since I was a junior...we were awful before this. When I saw awful, I mean it. Our record was 1-17 for as long as I can remember...then, something happened. Nobody really knows what, but in the middle of my junior year season, we started winning. And we didn't stop until we lost in the State Championship. We lost in the States again the following year, but we only lost 1 game that season!! Winning was something so completely new to us that we had no idea how to handle it. Now, it's expected, and the girls don't disappoint.

Last year, we went to quite a few games, but this year, we only made one because their games are right during Cam's bath time. My dad, Cameron and I hit up the semi-finals game last weekend and had such a good time! We got to see so many old teachers, families and friends, and of course, Cameron was the main attraction.

Cameron sporting green and gold for the lions!

Sending pics to Daddy while he was home resting

Cameron and Grandpa blowing raspberries

So, I didn't get any pictures of the actual game, but that's ok. ;) Cameron is way more fun now!

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  1. You went to McAuley? Awesome! My roommate in college graduated from there in '03! Small world!


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