Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life updates

We have been house hunting for a couple of months and are so incredibly frustrated, that we have stopped. For the most part. I still like to peek at the new listings and wish they could be ours, but we don't want to settle on something right now, so we are waiting until we have a hefty down payment and we find a house we LOVE. {Living in my mom's basement has worked for 16 months...I think we can handle another 8-10!}

Cameron is full-on crawling and sleeping like a ROCK! We just let him go right before bath so he is nice and relaxed, full and tired when he goes to bed. :) It's amazing.

We started swim lessons last Saturday, and Cameron L.O.V.E.D. them! He didn't fuss at all (a couple of babies cried the whole time...I felt so bad!) and only cried when I dunked him under. I think he secretly liked it. ;)

It's restaurant week in Portland, and Chad is guest-"cheffing" (?) at a local restaurant tonight! It will be so fun for him to be in the kitchen again; I'm so excited for him!

We have parent-teacher conferences next week, so I won't be home for an entire night!! Chad will pick up Cam from day care, feed him, bathe him and put him to bed. It makes me so sad to miss even one night of this.

I was involved in an arbitration in December between a former employee and my school district. I was her immediate supervisor for a short period of time (I was a long-term sub for her supervisor), and was called in to testify against her. It sucked, but I am so glad it's over and WE WON! I hate to go against someone, especially when it involves their job and their finances (she was looking for lost pay), but she was one of the most unprofessional and disrespectful people I have ever met.

It's still cold and snowy here in Maine, but I have been wearing some non-winter outfits in hopes of bringing spring flip flops yet, but they are just dying to come out of the closet! {P.S. We are supposed to get more snow this weekend...can it stop already?}

I have put myself on a spending freeze. We are trying so hard to pay down/off our debt and save for our trip to Holland, so I am not even letting myself buy a $20 dress at Target. (First world problems) With spring sneaking up on us, all I want to do is go shopping for the three of us, but I will not. I will not. Please don't let me!

I have also completed my 30-day detox and feel AMAZING!! I am starting the Insanity workout program tonight...saying that I am scared is an understatement. I hope I can walk tomorrow...or at least crawl into bed tonight!

That's all for now...I am trying to catch up on pictures of Cameron (including his 8 month update)! He is slowly, but surely, turning into a person...he's not a little baby anymore!



  1. Oh my goodness...30 day detox?! I want to know more details! And so fun that Cameron is crawling!! Excited for Ethan to get there!

  2. Aw! Your little guy reminds me of my boy! Loving your blog by the way :)


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