Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cameron: 8 Months

Cameron Steven,

Holy are turning into a PERSON. You can move. You can eat. You laugh and smile and talk. A lot. You are patient. But sooo impatient when you want something. You are sweet but active and SUCH a boy. I can't get enough of you! I want time to stop...just for a bit. I love this age so much - it just keeps getting better!

Weight: Somewhere between 17-18 lbs

Diapers: Size 3 during the day and size 4 overnight diapers

Health: You had your first fever on Valentine's Day and were sick all weekend, but it really didn't stop you! You napped a lot more than usual, but your personality was still holding strong! Otherwise, you have been so healthy (knock on wood)! We stopped giving you acid reflux medicine because we think it was causing a rash on your face! Heartburn doesn't seem to bother you anymore (you aren't spitting up anymore) and your rash is gone!

Social: You had a pretty busy February! On Valentine's Day weekend (when you were sick), Liz and Sophia came up to visit! We went to Local 188 for brunch then went home for a little play date. Later in the day, we went to LLBean, but left you at home so you could rest with LouLou. The following weekend, we went down to Kennebunkport to meet Oscar!! He is just two months older than you, but he is a lot bigger! He's letting you borrow some clothes, and they are sooo cute! You guys had such a fun time together!

Toys: You still love anything that lights up or makes noises. You are putting everything in your mouth and LOVE your jumping toys! The exersaucer at day care lets you jump SO high and you will do it for hours!!

Sleep: Luckily, you are sleeping so well that I don't even want to write about it. After your fever in the middle of the month, you developed an attachment anxiety and kept waking up to be held. When you were 100% better, we had to let you CIO for just two nights - 45 minutes the first night (not 45 minutes straight, but in 2-3 minute spurts) then just 10 minutes the next night! Ever since, you have been going down between 7:30/8 and getting up around 6. You average between 2-3 (8:30/9, 11:30/12 and 2:30/3) 40 minute naps a day. If we can stretch your 2nd nap to the afternoon, we can get over an hour.

Food: We let you try anything you can that doesn't have salt/spice on it (which isn't too much)! You like avocado, waffles, pancakes beans, bread, cheerios, Pirate Bootie and baby snacks. They have been trying more food at day care, too, and you take some, but refuse others.

Personality: You love your mom and dad!! When we leave, you get a little cranky. You still don't like strangers (especially when they get in your face) and unfamiliar people, so you tend to hold onto us a little tighter. You are so sweet when you first wake up, but are on. the. go until you go to bed. You do not stop. You are a waving and clapping machine, little boy! You are so proud of yourself. :) You grab everything (which has made grocery shopping exciting) and love to watch people at restaurants and stores.

Bath: It always has been and still is one of your favorite things! I think I said this last month, but it's really time to move you into the big bath! You have pretty much outgrown your whale!

Milestones: Oh my...this was quite a month!! You started crawling, saying Dada and rolling over while we change you. You crawled for the first time on February 23rd while we were visiting Oscar. You had been rocking back and forth on all fours then all of a sudden moved forward...holy cow, we were excited! (I cried.) You hate being changed, so you just roll over. We've had to start double-teaming you to get an outfit on! You say Dada all the time, which is just adorable...when are you gonna say Momma?! :)

No more monthly stickers. No more still shots. You make me work for pictures now!!

These were taken right before swim lessons...more on that later!!

I love you, little man. Thank you for being the very best part of our day. Everyday.


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  1. Oh my goodness, he is so cute! Isnt' this just the most fun age?! I love this age. I don't want Mac to grow up any more. So wild and fun and spirited, but still small and snuggly.


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