Friday, February 8, 2013

Mom's Birthday Weekend

My mom is not your average mom (or Grandmother) and neither are her birthday celebrations...she turned 49 this year (yes, 4-9...she's young) and decided to escape to the coast of Maine (we live on the coast of Maine, but she headed just a couple of hours north) to do nothing for the week. Although we would have loved to have joined her for the entire week, some people had to work, so we spent the weekend with her. 

We left early Saturday morning and took our time driving up Route 1. I've grew up in Maine, but never appreciated it until I was an adult. Now, I love to do all of the touristy things and visit new towns. On our way up, we stopped in Damariscotta for breakfast at Chrissy's and it was so good! One thing we lack in Portland is a great breakfast joint...we have one good "diner" type place and one good "nice" place, but nothing with creative or healthy dishes. Chrissy's had just that, and we loved it!

We got to Rockland around lunchtime and were able to get into our room early, get Cameron situated and get changed for the day!

Cam's essential toys that we brought from home

The view from our condo

View from lunch at The Waterfront (pretty accurate name)!

It was below zero with the windchill and this guy never stopped! 

Beautiful birthday girl

Frozen river


Obligatory picture of our love ;)

Beautiful sunset

Birthday present time

Loulou with her new Alex and Ani bracelets!

Saturday night, we ended up at Fog for dinner, which was SO GOOD! We didn't have reservations anywhere and it was hard to find a table, but we were so happy that we stumbled upon Fog. 

Sunday, we got up and went to breakfast in Camden then drove around some more to check out the beautiful Maine scenery.

Ice fishing huts

My love checking out the frozen lake

Around lunch, we packed up and headed home. Chad had to work, and Cam was ready for his home. ;)

Overall, it was a great weekend. It was so nice to get away and actually spend time together...we live with my mom, so we see her all the time, but we never really get to spend quality time together. Cameron had a cold the whole time, but he wasn't phased by it at all! The only thing that would have made it a little easier is his exersaucer, but we managed without it. ;) It was our first overnight trip with Cam and it went great! But, we were glad to be home on Sunday!



  1. Maine is so beautiful. I visited Presque Isle a couple times in my teens. I've never seen anything like it.

  2. You live in such a beautiful part of the country! Maine is on my bucket list to visit for sure.

    And have I mentioned that your little boy is just the cutest?


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