Monday, February 25, 2013

February 13 vs February 25

*I started this post on February 13 and never finished it. I am leaving the originals, but updating in red.

This blog has really taken a back burner lately - we've all been sick, Cameron is growing like a weed and I am more interested in focusing on my family and my new business. I have decided to not blog, but to document our life. I want to be able to look back on this as my "journal" and as a supplement (mostly for pictures) to Cameron's baby book. 

However, I don't want to totally diminish this blog...there are constantly moments that I want to write something, record something, remember something.

Cameron is starting to get on all fours and rock back and forth. He then proceeds to fall flat on his tummy. :) I know he is just dying to crawl and move on his own, but he can't yet! He did get a walker/jumper from our neighbor that he absolutely loves, and he is learning how to maneuver in it. He's crawling!!! We went to visit our friends on Saturday, and he crawled!! When we got home, we put him on the floor again and got a great video. He's now on the move and we cannot take our eyes off him, even for a second!

He is very clingy lately...he loves to be held and gets fussy when we put him down. We are trying not to spoil him, but we don't want to ignore his needs, either! (And, who doesn't love some cuddle time with a 7 month old ham?!) The day after I wrote this, I had to go pick him up from day care because he had a fever. He continued to be sick all weekend - hence, the clingy-ness! Poor baby just slept all weekend and wanted to be held. 

We got a HUGE snow storm last week that dumped 32" on us!! It was the biggest storm in the history of Portland. We got another storm yesterday that dropped around 8". And there is another storm coming on Wednesday. Spring anyone?

My mom's mom is in a nursing home and everyone is saying goodbye to her before she passes on. I feel weird writing that statement so generically, but she has never been a part of my life. My mom's grandmother raised her and was always my "Nana." I know it's very weird for my mom to be experiencing this loss, and I honestly don't know how to support her. She passed away on February 20th. Mom got to say goodbye to her, and they are doing a graveside service in the spring. 

I am loving my Arbonne business. I have gotten to share their products with a lot of my friends and will be doing a party at my house next week. If you haven't tried their products, you should. I love their face wash and their health products (protein shakes, fit chews, fizz drinks, etc). I am doing their 30-day detox and I feel amazing and I am losing weight!! My goal in doing the detox wasn't to lose weight, but to feel healthier and have more energy. So far, it's working! I am still loving my Arbonne products and business. The best part is educating other people about what you are putting in/on your body. I have recently contacted a couple of my favorite bloggers about doing a product review, so you can look for those during March! I love sharing our products!!!

Chad and I have started exploring the process of building a house!!! Our dream home is just a little more than our budget, so we are trying to figure out a plan. Should we build a smaller house now or buy a smaller house and use the equity from that as a down payment in a few years to build our dream house? I need to start selling more Arbonne! ;) We are still looking at developments, but have looked at some houses, too. The housing market in Maine sucks so it's going to take us awhile to find something we love in our price range. We did find a development in Cumberland that's in our price range, but doesn't include a garage...oy vey!

That's all for now. This post is SUPER boring to everyone but me, but I like to stay updated on our lives. :)



  1. Not boring at all! I wrote about diapers's that for exciting ;)

  2. Look at your little crawler! Oh I am so nervous for that stage. I bet it is just a whole new world to have a baby on the go. Very exciting about your new business...hope things go well for you! And oh I hope spring is around the corner for you. That's just more snow than anybody needs.


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