Friday, February 8, 2013

Cameron: 7 Months

Cameron Steven,

I know that I've said this many times before, but I fall more and more in love with you every single day. With every smile, every twinkle in your eye, everytime you touch my face...I just melt. I am still in awe that I created something as sweet, perfect and amazing as you. How did we get so lucky?

Here is an update for your 7 month birthday!

Weight: 17 lbs exactly

Diapers: You are still in size 3 diapers and wearing 2 overnight diapers at night!

Health: You handled your 6 months shots ok, but came down with a terrible cold around the 25th. It started in your eyes, and we thought you had pink eye! It never developed, but it did move down to your noise then eventually your chest. We had a couple of rough nights, but you were pretty much in good spirits!! Your nose was a mess for a few days and it got so soar that we couldn't clean it, but you are almost 100% better, thankfully!

Social: We took our first overnight trip as a family! We went away for LouLou's birthday weekend and stayed at the Samoset Resort. It was hard because we didn't have all your "products" that make our days easier like your exersaucer and high chair. We did bring plenty of toys and your Boppy for sitting on the floor, but we realized how valuable your exersaucer is! You were also sick that weekend, so it wasn't a great combination. However, you did an amazing job considering all of the obstacles we threw at you! We went out to dinner a lot and you just loved to look around at everyone! One restaurant where we ate didn't have high chairs, so you were passed around from lap to lap!

Toys: You are still loving your exersaucer (unless you're tired) and anything you can put in your mouth. Your toys that move, light up or make noise are always by your side, and you have been very fascinated with mirrors lately...they say you won't know it's you for another year or so, but you're definitely intrigued by it!

Sleep: Sleep has been a roller coaster for us this month, bud. With your shots at the beginning of the month then your cold towards the end, it was hard to let you cry when you woke up at night! But, last night we let you cry (more of a whimper) for 30-40 minutes around 1:15, and you eventually went back to sleep until 6! You are napping better at day care and even take a 2 hour nap some days! You are taking 3 naps/day and we usually try to get you to stay awake once you are home from day care so you go down easier. You have also started to become attached when it's time for sleep. You don't like to put yourself to sleep anymore, but you like to have one of us rub your back (we are total suckers for you). The same goes when you wake up in the middle of the night...we try to let you cry, but since we live with Loulou, I usually end up picking you up so we all can get some more sleep...bad habit, but I secretly love it. ;)

Food: You are a eating machine! The ladies at day care always comment how much you eat. :) You have tried most fruits and veggies and have moved onto Cheerios, Pirate Booty, Ohs and bread. We have tried to give you some real food (not pureed) and you aren't a fan of the texture. We will have to work on that because I want to feed you what we are eating! You are drinking out of your sippy cup like a champ (even though half of it ends up on you)!

Personality: You are such a sweet, sweet baby, Cameron!! Daddy and I are always commenting on this wonderful trait you have. Your eyes twinkle when you smile and your squeal just sends us over the moon with love! You are learning to wave and love to be around people, but you don't always love to be held! You are learning to move more and constantly want to be doing something. You are definitely not a chill baby like some of our friends! You get so excited when I drop you off at day care and you see your friends, but you get equally excited when I walk through the door to pick you up. When you hear a familiar voice, you turn your head and body until you can see that sure do know how to make someone feel special, baby boy!

Bath: You still love your baths! We tried to take the infant insert out of your whale tub, but you weren't too sure about it. Then you got sick, so we put it back to normal so you could just relax. I think we will try it again soon, though...we try to give you a bath every night before bed and it's such a great way for you to relax and calm down.

Milestones: You are learning to scoot in circles and are starting to stand on your own when you are holding onto something. You have also learned that you love to fall backwards...I will stand you up, put your hands on your exersaucer and you will look out of the corner of your eye and fall backwards, knowing that you will land on my lap! This makes you let out a huge smile and sometimes a's pretty funny! Well, until someone isn't there to catch you! Oh, you had your first were sitting on the living room floor and I didn't put anything behind/next to you to catch your fall. You toppled over and bit your lip. You were drooling blood for a little and had me a little freaked out! Of course, you were fine, but it still scared the crap out of me! You are a tough little cookie, mister!

Nicknames: Bud, buddy, bug, baby, Cam, Cammie, Mister Man

So much for your monthly stickers!


Mom & Dad

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