Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: What a Year!

I have loved reading everyone's year in review and have finally had a chance to sit down and compile was quite a year and certainly one I will never forget!!

We started off the year with a new job for Chad!! He changed careers to focus on our family more and we couldn't be happier with his current schedule...

January was full of anticipation as I applied and interviewed for jobs myself. I was finally offered one, and it has been a huge blessing for me!

We watched the Patriots win throughout the playoffs then lose in the Superbowl to the Giants!

February brought the big news....we were having a BOY!!! Chad and I found out on Friday, February 10 and had to wait until the following Saturday to let our friends and family know at our Gender Reveal Party!

The spring brought lots of fun adventures for us:

- Boston College vs. Virginia Tech lacrosse in Chestnut Hill
- IKEA shopping for the nursery
- Training in Boston for Chad
- Bob Marley show with Maria and Frank
- Baby Registry with Lynn and Ally
- Birthing classes at MMC

Watching my high school win the State Championships in basketball

Magen's Fitness Competition

Brunch with Liz, Jay and Sophia

Met Rylee and Gavin

Dad's 50th birthday

Maria's birthday at Bubba's

As spring turned into summer, we had our wonderful baby shower with all of our closest friends and family! Cameron got so spoiled!

I celebrated my first Mother's Day and Rhonda came to visit!

We celebrated Father's Day and prepared to welcome Cameron into our lives!

Maternity Pictures:

And then, on Wednesday, June 27, Chad and I drove ourselves to the hospital to be induced!!! However, Cameron did not make his appearance for another FOUR DAYS. But, boy, what an appearance he made!!!

July 1, 2012

During July, we developed into a family of 3 while we had some very special visitors: Grandma Scott and Marguerite came to visit!

In August, we went to Becki and Joe's wedding.

I returned to work as the school year began. Cameron started day care and looooved it. 

The fall brought more fun adventures including how to help an upset baby...poor Cameron had a super immature digestive system and acid reflux, and it took a lot of work to learn how to help him, but we finally did!! 

We also went to Boston for an overnight trip and left Cam home with my mom. 

Cameron celebrated his first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Chad turned 41, got 41 gifts and we went to Cirque du Soleil!!

I turned 30 and had an amazing surprise birthday party. 

There are 1,000 more pictures I could put on here...last year was simply amazing. But, I'll spare you (or you can just rewind through past posts to see lots of pics of Cameron) and be better about posting in 2013. 



  1. It took 4 days after your induction to have Cameron?! Oh my goodness! Good thing he's cute :) haha!

    I love the birth pictures...those are awesome!

    Definitely a great year for you guys!

  2. Whoa... one of these days I have to hear your birth story. 4 days? Goodness!! You are a rockstar.

    Loved reading your year in review. What a year... definitely one you will always look back on so fondly!


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