Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cameron: FIVE Months

Baby Cameron,

I know that I will say this every month (and have probably said every month so far), but I cannot believe you are 5 months old!! However, I cannot remember life before you, so it feels like you have been with us forever...

Let's see. This past month has been FULL of fun things - I did a couple of weekly updates to stay on track because there are just too many things happening between "monthly" updates!!

Diapers: 2 (We just bought a box of size 3)

We are swaddling you with one-arm out, which is working better than no swaddle (which we tried to do cold turkey), but you are breaking out of it around 4am and thinking it's time to play!!! So, needless to say, your 11-hour nights are gone for now. We are going to try cold turkey again at Christmas when we have lots of time off from work...Lord knows none of us will get any sleep those first few nights! But, for now you are sleeping from around 7 - 4, drinking a bottle and usually going back to sleep before we have to get up for work and day care. I can't get mad, though, when you're lying in your crib jabbing to yourself for 20 minutes in the middle of the night...I think it's adorable!!!

You have TWO TEETH!!! You got your first one on Thanksgiving and your second one on Tuesday, November 28th. We had no idea that the first one was coming (although you were a little fussier than normal), but we knew the second one was coming because you were just not yourself for a couple of days: you were fussy, not sleeping well (then sleeping a LOT), had a runny nose, etc...We give you Tylenol before bed to keep any pain at bay, and are using Highlands Teething Tablets when we don't think you need Tylenol (we try to only give that when necessary).

You are an eating machine now. You were not a fan of peas (don't worry - we will be trying them again soon!), but love sweet potatoes, butternut squash and pears! We haven't tried anything else yet because we are making sure that you don't have any allergies (since I am allergic to everything). {You can check out a video of Cameron trying pears for the first time here!} You are still drinking Alimentum formula 5-6 times a day - usually around 7 oz even with solids!!! You are literally growing before our eyes!!

You are not a fan of the Bumbo wiggle and lift your butt so much that I am afraid to put you in it! You love your exersaucer and the playmat...I think a Johnny Jumper is in our future! You love anything that you can grasp and put in your mouth: rings, stuffed animals, Sophie, balls, blankets, fingers...

You LOVE your feet. Whenever you are laying down or sitting on our laps, your hands automatically go to your feet and you roll right over still holding onto your little toes! Changing you makes me laugh every time because I have to battle between your arms to get to your diaper!

Speaking of aren't sitting on your own, but you are getting closer. We try to practice as much as possible, but, like tummy time, you aren't a fan. You get frustrated and cranky almost immediately!

Your clothes are a mix between 3-6 months and 6-9 months...your pajamas are either 6 or 9 months depending on the fabric (weird, huh?). For some reason, you are still fitting into 0-3 month pants, but they are becoming high-waters on you, so I think we will be putting those away soon.

You celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving this past month and were a doll!! We had so many people in and out all day, and you just laughed and smiled at everyone!

Your smile brightens our day and we can get you to laugh when we act as crazy as possible...sometimes you laugh when we are putting lotion on you, too, which makes our hearts melt.

I love you, bug.



  1. Oh my goodness, he is so stinking cute! I love that little hat! Mac has 2 teeth now too. How is that even possible?! Our boys are growing up!

  2. Soooo cute! I can't believe he has teeth already! That hat is precious!

  3. sweet guy! Cal loooooved the door jumper-- he would bounce like crazy in that thing!


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