Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cameron: 25 Weeks

It's getting so hard to remember how many "weeks" Cameron is! It's a lot easier to say he's 5 1/2 months!

There have been some big changes since his 5 month update...

He's officially in size 3 diapers (and filling them every night).

Sitting, smiling, drooling and chewing...that's our boy!

Sleep: We were back to fully swaddling him (because he wasn't rolling over and everyone thought we were crazy for stopping before we needed to), but then he started sleeping on his stomach. Yikes! (Please don't judge us for being bad parents) He was sleeping awesomely (and breathing just fine), but I decided to transition to his Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, and it has worked so well for us. We have also started having him sleep in our room in his Pack n Play because he needs a humidifier and his bedroom is too open for one to work. I think the combination of the warmth of our bedroom and the humidifier is working so well for him (and us)! {Sidenote: He has regressed a little in the sleeping-through-the-night department because I have been picking him up when he cries so nobody else in the house wakes up from him crying, but I have started letting him cry himself back to sleep again - it's more of a whimpering - and it's worked so well. Those of you who are hesitant with the CIO method, it has saved. our. lives.}

Teeth: He has his two bottoms ones, but we swear another one is on its way. He is drooling like crazy and has been sort of extra fussy lately.

Cameron met Santa this past week!

Health: His eczema is gone!! We finally got a steroid cream from the doctor, and it was gone within two days!! I am kicking myself for not asking for it sooner, but we were hoping it would clear on its own and we wouldn't need meds. Cam's still congested, but our fingers are crossed that the humidifier is helping with that. The doctor prescribed an inhaler, but he wanted NO part of that!

Food: We have added carrots and peaches into the mix, so he is getting 3 "meals" per day of baby food (pears/peaches and rice cereal for breakfast, squash or sweet potatoes for lunch and carrots for dinner) with bottles in between. We tried peas again, and he still wasn't a fan...He's spitting up a lot, so I'm not sure why...I kind of thought it would be ending by now? Any advice?

Toys: We have a few toys that move on their own, and he loves to watch them and has started kicking his legs like he wants to chase after them!! We will have a mobile baby in no time! He still loves his exersaucer, and it is starting to jump in it more. We tried the Johnny Jumper again, and it's just too big for him, I think. It comes up to his mouth, so it's perfect for him to chew on, but he bounces all around in it...Do they have smaller ones? Santa may have to investigate...

(They also have Follow Me Fiona)

Milestones: Cameron has started to learn about cause-and-effect...he has learned that hitting a certain button on his exersaucer causes a song to play, and he has learned that when he waves his hand in the bath, he splashes himself. It's so fun to watch him do something over and over again because he knows what will happen!! He has also started to respond when we clap...I'm not sure if he's just excited and waving his arms or if he is trying to copy us! Either way, we get excited. ;)

Otherwise, he is a super active, alert and happy baby. He does get suuuper frustrated when he gets bored, and I think he just wants to move independently so badly, but he can't. I can't wait for him to become more independent. I love watching him learn. It literally makes my heart melt.

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