Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Here it is Wednesday, and I am just getting around to posting about this past weekend. We've had Parent/Teacher Conferences, so forgive me!!

This past weekend was a beautiful fall weekend and we took full advantage of it!! 

Friday night, Cam decided to feed himself...Just kidding! But, he has started to have some interest in holding the bottle. He grabs it whenever we are feeding him, and we have ordered a little mechanism called the Ba Baby Bottle Holder that the bottle goes in that helps him grasp it a little better! I can't wait to watch him with it!

So, back to Friday night...My mom bought two season ticket passes for the local basketball team, so went their Kickoff Party at Bruno's. Cameron was a doll, of course, and we got to win!

Cam dressed in his finest attire ;) Like his kicks?!

Auntie Jill getting her Cam fix!!

Saturday morning, we did our usual lounging before we headed off to some local craft fairs with my Mom and Aunt Stacey.

Cameron with his favorite toys: Sophie the Giraffe, rings, balls and pacifiers!

His other favorite toy...the iPad! Don't worry, he was watching Bugs Bunny ;)

Cameron loved being carried and even took a few naps!

 He looks so little here!!

We scored a new hat and sweater for Cameron, as well as some jam and a few other crafts for Christmas gifts!

When we got home, we all took a little siesta, then Mom and I decided to go to Freeport so she could look for some blazers! Cameron scored two new outfits from Polo (They had 30% off their clearance!) and Mom scored some cool duds from Banana. This mamma just enjoyed her afternoon. 


On Sunday, we went to the Glasers for brunch and Mrs. Glaser cooked a fabulous meal, of course! Cameron napped, smiled and played until the very end...this was their first time meeting him!

When we got back home, Chad had to work, so Cameron and I bundled up and went for a nice, long walk. We happened to end up at Lots for Tots (a local children's consignment store), but didn't do too much damage - just $2 for a Celtic onesie. I was eyeing the jumperoo things for him because he plays in one at day care, and they say he loves it!

Speaking of day care...we have been thinking about switching, but aren't taking the plunge yet. Where he goes now is fine, but they're just babysitters. Now that he is getting older and starting to learn, we want to send him somewhere that supports that! We have decided to wait until the spring, though, because of the difference in cost. Day care is like a mortgage payment - shew! 

Sunday night, Mom and I headed to an Arbonne event and just got some Otto on the way home...there's no better way to end your weekend (or any day) than with some Otto pizza!!!

So, I obviously slacked on the pictures after's been a busy week! I also have Cameron's 4 Month Update hanging out in the "draft" pile, but am waiting to get some cute pictures of him - he's more interested in his fingers than good pictures. ;)



  1. This makes we wonder if we have tat tray for the bumbo! Ummm? I totally get the daycare thoughts. We want the same thing! Considering he's there 9ish hours!

  2. I am going to have to check out that bottle holder cool!

  3. That bottle thing is great! Going to order one.

    And ZOMG his shoooooes. So cute. He looks like a tiny teenager with those little kicks on.

    Also I am jealous your baby will nap in other locales. Bo does not seem to have that sort of flexibility. Anything you find that helps with that?


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