Monday, November 26, 2012

Pre-New Years Resolutions

Do you love Pinterest? I know I do! But I pin a lot and often times forget to go back and actually read what I pinned...

So, today, I went back and looked through some pins and am so inspired! (Aren't we all?!) I am inspired to cook, bake, decorate, create and I will just tackle one that might help with the rest: Organizing!! And, since we live with my Mom, the more organized we all are, the better!

As a result of being inspired by Pinterest, I have created my own organization list. I am not  going to do a certain thing on a certain day, and I'm not going to do something every day, but I AM going to do all of the following by the end of me.

1. Organize upstairs coat closet and entry way in garage for coats/shoes
2. Laundry Room Baskets - One basket for clothes to donate. One basket for hand washing items. One basket for tailor/dry cleaner. Genius, right? I am also going to add a basket for things to sell on eBay. Holla!
3. Organize the pantry
4. Organize kitchen drawers and cabinets
5. Organize clothes with help from this chart
6. Organize sock/intimates drawers
7. Create a "Command Center" for bills, filing, address book, menu planning, coupons, etc...
8. Organize office: Work vs. Home
9. Create a manual/warranty binder
10. Organize electronics/batteries
11. Label trash and recycling bins
12. Stair baskets - one for Chad, Cameron and myself to gather at the top so we can just carry baskets down instead of having all of our "stuff" gathered upstairs
13. Organize bathroom closet
14. Organize my closet (shared with Cameron and Mom)
15. Organize back storage room
16. Create a family binder
17. Organize garage storage
18. Create a family cookbook

I think these are doable by the end of 2013! I am going to try to post some tips that help me along the way, so maybe they will help you (or at least keep me on track).



  1. Isn't Pinterest great?!!! I love it. I've found so many helpful articles on parenting, fun crafts, and amazing ideas to improve my home, my life, and my own creativity. Moving to Colorado definitely gave us a much needed opportunity to clean out a lot of junk and become better organized setting up our home here in CO. I love these charts you've shared in the post - I'll have to give them a try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've thought of putting a list on my blog of all the household projects i want to do too. Not because I think it'll particularly interest anyone but it will hold me accountable. And here I read yours and AM interested... so I'll encourage you to follow through and update! And maybe I'll get that list up after all.


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