Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cameron: 19 Weeks

I am going to start doing (bi)weekly updates on Cameron because there's just too much to fit into a month! So, enjoy. ;)

Weight:14lbs 14oz

Health: He still has a little cough that sounds a lot worse than it is (we think). He is still taking omeprazole once a day for his acid reflux, which doesn't bother him anymore unless we forget his medicine (oops). His eczema that was on his left cheek bone has now spread down his cheek and onto his right cheek and shoulder...a call is in to the doctor to see if we should come in today.

Sleep: This weekend has been quite a change for us...we have been swaddling Cameron since he was about 3 weeks old and just stopped "cold turkey." We ordered something called Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit that a friend recommended to help transition out of the swaddle. We used it on Friday and Saturday nights with OK results...I was up almost every 30 minutes putting the pacifier back in his mouth because he kept startling himself with his hands! Last night, we swaddled him again because he was so agitated with a stuffy nose and cough and all 3 of us were miserable. However, he was still up all night with his cough and stuffy nose, so I ended up sleeping on the couch with him - in swaddle. Tonight, we will try no swaddle again because I really don't think it made that much of a difference!

Social: This week was pretty low-key. I had parent-teacher conferences Monday and Wednesday night, Election Day was Tuesday and Thursday night was cold, wet and snowy! Friday night, we went to Applebee's with my dad, and Saturday night we stayed in after a trip to Target and Shaw's! Last night, Cindi came over and stayed for dinner, but Cam was not too keen on the idea of visiting...he was happy playing by himself. :)

Diet: We are still on Alimentum and have started to introduce "food." We have tried rice cereal, peas and butternut squash. So far, they are all a no-go, but I think he's still learning how to eat...he just pushes it back out. He's also had more gas in the last couple of days, which may be from the food (even though it's not a lot), so we are going to hold off until next weekend to try again.

Baby Gear: Cam still loves Sophie the Giraffe, his bumbo, Baby Bjorn, his playmat, rings and anything else he can put in his mouth! And, he got an exersaucer this weekend and LOVES IT! I have a feeling that we are about to become surrounded by baby toys! (And I love it!)

Crying: Cameron knows what he wants and will let you know when he doesn't want something. Sometimes he likes to be on his mat, in his bumbo, in his swing, sitting on your lap...you never know until you try it and he either cries or doesn't. He also cries when he's tired, hungry or dirty...such a change from when he cried almost 24/7! Thank you, Lord.

Likes: Sitting/standing, being "talked" to, bath time, anything in his mouth, arching his back just enough that he almost rolls over, going to bed, his pacifier and his exersaucer

Milestones: Cameron rolled over from his stomach to his back!! Granted, he was so frustrated about "Tummy Time" that he unintentionally rolled over, but still, he did it! :) We did it twice one night, then of course wouldn't do it again once we tried to get a video!

Cameron also experienced his first "snow storm," even though it was a measly 2" on Thursday morning. ;) We bundled him up in his hat and winter suit and off to daycare/school we went!

Loving his exersaucer...so many things to play with!

Getting some lovin from his Daddy!


His "space suit" AKA Magic Sleeper

Not a fan of peas!

Most adorable outfit (and boy) ever!

All bundled up at the playground

Ms. Sophie...his bff


  1. We might go for it and buy Sophie... Everything goes in Kaden's mouth. Yay for Cam rolling over :)

  2. He is growing up so fast! And he's so incredibly handsome and cute!!! I'm thinking we may need to have an arranged marriage... ;-)

  3. We dealt with the swaddle transition too. We got a Halo sleep sack and its been great... We had almost no problems when we started using it. It still swaddles around the body but leaves the arms out!


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