Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Tech Tip - Read me...seriously

I just got this tip on another blog and wanted to share. Apparently, there are some crazies in the world who like to steal pictures of other people/babies and claim they are their own. Weird, I know. But also true.

To prevent people from right-clicking on your picture and being able to save it, go here and they will tell you how! It's extremely simple and took me less than a minute.

She also watermarks her pictures...I may do this in the future. Honestly, I upload my pictures from my phone (I'm sure you can tell with the amazing quality they project!) and don't have the patience to then save them on my {work} computer and add a watermark. But, maybe you do, so just use Picasa and it's easy-as-pie, according to her.


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