Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Quick Weekend Recap and Pictures!

Friday: We went to watch Megan and Madison play a volleyball match against Scarborough. Cameron was in the Baby Bjorn and did great!! We kept him out past his bedtime (only by 30 minutes) and he was out like a light as soon as we fed him his bottle.

Saturday: I worked in the morning and brought Cam with me. He played on his playmat and loved being worn in the Baby Bjorn while I vacuumed and did some laundry. He even took a little nap. ;)

Saturday night: Chad and I went to dinner at Boda then to Cirque du Soleil as an early birthday present for him! It was amazing...It was also Mica's birthday and Mike's birthday, so it was a special day for Chad!

Sunday: I took Cameron shopping/walking around the mall while Chad worked. When we got home, we tried to feed Cam some rice cereal, but he was not having it! I think we will wait until he's a little older and isn't having so many gas/acid issues.

Before the volleyball game...

One of the teachers I work with made Cameron this hat! It's perfect for him!

Cam still loves bathtime...and putting anything in his mouth!

Ma, seriously...enough with the pictures!

Friday was Fall Fest at school...a nice break from the typical day, but a little hectic.

Cam loving his Bumbo...and whatever's on TV!

LOVING his smile!!

So, it was a nice weekend, but kind of stressful. Cameron has been screaming lately instead of crying and he isn't eating as well as he used to. We took him to the doctor on Thursday (He weight 13 lbs 5 oz) and the doctor changed his acid medicine. We are going back tomorrow to see his real doctor (He was out last Thursday.) and maybe go to a Pediatric GI. With his lack of eating, increased sleeping and screaming fits, he wants to be sure that it's not something more than just acid. Cameron's daycare said that Monday was the worst day he's ever had. :( Poor guy...It kills me to see him cry in pain!! He is still sleeping through the night, though, so I keeping praying that it stays that way!



  1. POOR GUY!!!! Andy had HORRIBLE stomach issues too... it is SO hard to see them in that much pain. I was still nursing so I cut our dairy and it really helped him. I have also heard of a ton of people using the formula known as "liquid gold" because it is so expensive (sigh), but it is really broken down so it's easy to digest. Maybe that would help?? Good luck! Hope he will out grow those belly issues soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, poor Cam! Poor momma! I hope the peds GI is helpful!

    Love his smiley bath time face & the pics with him in the bjorn! He's got such a sweet smile!


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