Thursday, October 11, 2012

14 Weeks: An Update

So, we have noticed Cameron being a little more fussy than normal, wanting to sleep a lot, and not wanting to each as much. We kept waiting to see if a tooth was coming through, if it was a cold that had to pass or if it's true what they say: Colic is really, really bad right before it's over.

Well, 10 days of extreme fussiness and no change, we decided to take him to the doctor's today. I secretly kind of like going to the doctor just to be sure that everything is OK and to check on his weight.

He weighed in at 13lb 5oz today and the doctor said he is perfectly healthy except for a mild cold (nothing to worry about), a little eczema (that is usually a telling sign of allergies to come...poor little man will probably inherit all of my allergy issues) and some acid reflux still.

So, she upped his acid meds and dosage to three times a day and gave us some suggestions for lotions. She also suggested that we start adding rice cereal to his bottle and start with some veggies soon. SERIOUSLY? Our little man is going to start eating FOOD? Holy smokes, this totally snuck up on me! I guess it's time to do some research...

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  1. I'm glad there is no big issues then. I have to ask... How do they "test" or "know" he had acid reflux? I think Kden might have a little bit if that. Also...eczema...where is Cam's? Kaden has dry elbows and I wondered about that too.

    I'm super excited for rice and veggies soon :) those should be some good pictures!


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