Monday, September 17, 2012

What have we been up to? Picture overload...

We have been a busy little family this past weekend!! 

We started early on Thursday afternoon with a trip to the Old Port. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we headed to a "Wine & Cheese Tasting." However, the two bottles of wine and three cheeses didn't keep our attention for long, so we continued onto David's for their Happy Hour specials: calamari, baked brie and some cocktails...all while little Cam was sleeping!

Enjoying the beautiful fall afternoon ;)

Our Happy Hour specials...good thing we had dinner plans!

Friday afternoon, I picked up Cameron early from day care and stopped by the elementary school to show him off to the ladies I worked with last year. The teachers (and students) loooooved meeting him; we were there for 2 hours!

Cameron was SO good! He gave huuuge smiles to everyone and didn't cry once!

After our stop, we headed home to pick up Chad and continued onto the doctor's office for Cameron's 2 month shots. Talk about making a Momma nervous!!!

12 lbs 2 oz and 24" long!!

Poor guy had no idea what was coming...

The aftermath (There was another shot on the other leg.)

Needless to say, he was not a happy camper when we left, but was in GREAT spirits that night!! Saturday afternoon, however, was a different story. He's been soooo mad/sad/upset since around 3pm on Saturday, and we can only imagine that it's from the shots. I hope whatever it is goes away fast!! It was a loooong weekend after that...his cry sounded like nothing I had heard before.

This weekend, we also visited Grandpa, went on a baby-less date (Thanks, Mom!), watched the Pats, went grocery shopping and took a family nap for TWO HOURS on Sunday....Praise the Lord. It was a miracle! I swaddled Cam up nice and tight and stuck him in his swing...the combination of the two knocked him out (well, and the fact that he didn't sleep well on Saturday night didn't hurt the equation). 

We've started putting him down without a swaddle to get used to that, but with his temperament this weekend, that sucker was back on last night. However, we had to put him in his bassinet instead of his crib for the night because he would. not. go. to. sleep. in his crib. We were moving forward so nicely; I really hope this is temporary!!

Otherwise, he is great. He is smiling SO much, laughing, reaching for things (no grabbing yet, but he wants to!) and lifting his shoulders and head when he's in his car seat. He would totally escape, if he could!

Saturday morning with LouLou

Mom and Cameron watching the Patriots (lose)

Saturday afternoon with Grandpa

And, Cameron did lots of this: 

This week is very calm for us. No plans. No parties. Nothing. Just us and the fall air (and hopefully some chili and beer!!).

Jess, Chad and Cameron

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