Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swaddle Blankets 101

I like to think of us as Swaddle Pros. I never would have said that two months ago because we could not get Cameron into a good swaddle to save our lives.

But, with all of the experimenting, we have tried pretty much every single swaddling option out there!

Our first attempt was those oh-so-adorable, lightweight Aden and Anais blankets. I bought eight of them for a reason...because they are called swaddle blankets! However, Cameron had a different idea for them. And it came nowhere near a swaddle. He broke out of these things when he was still in the hospital!

This is not Cameron, nor does it resemble anything close to what Cameron looked like in it. 

This is Cameron...and pretty much what he looked like after our swaddle attempts.

Next, we tried the Swaddle Pod. This thing seemed fool proof because it zipped - there's no way he could escape! However, instead of looking like this:

He looked like this:

Notice his arm by his right ear? Yep. He escaped. 

At this point, we thought he just hated being swaddled, so we stopped. Don't ever stop! He didn't not like being swaddled...he had just lived with his hands by his head for 9 months! He slept like crap during this time. 

So, we tried some more and the one that we have used for two months is the MIRACLE BLANKET. It's seriously a MIRACLE. No joke. He sleeps through the night and naps like, well, a baby!

Does it look like a straight jacket? No worries...it is one and works great!

So, there you have it...the Miracle Blanket is what I recommend to everyone who has a "difficult" swaddler. We ended up using the SwaddleMe (fleece) the other night because the Miracle Blanket was in the washing machine, and he is sleeping great with it. I think that now that he is used to sleeping with his hands by his side, it works, but it didn't work the first few times we tried it. 

Oops, we've been putting the "wings" over his arms! No wonder he's not escaping...

This is most certainly a post to help ME for when baby #2 comes...silly Mommy thought the baby could sleep on his own. No way, Jose!! A swaddle was exactly what he needed...as well as a noise machine. Talk about a high maintenance kid. ;) I kid, I kid...

P.S.  I just went back through our old blog to find the picture of Cameron in the Pod, and oh. my. Lord. He looks so tiny. I was so uneducated. Everything was hard.

Everything has changed. :)

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  1. I just laughed so hard at this post my husband asked to see what I was looking at. I have taken all the same pictures of Bo - busting out of the A+A blankets (a *joke*), hands sneaking out of the SwaddleMe... I was literally going to write the same post. And yes, we ended up with the Miracle Blanket too. Which I only ended up with because my sister who was helping out one night ordered it from Amazon Prime at 2 am when she was totally over the SwaddleMe.

    And I also have 8 A+A blankets. Everyone swears by them! Do they just have non-squirmy babies? I don't get it!


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