Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to Help a New Mom (For Real)

As a new mom, myself, I find this list extremely on point and so much appreciated!! If you know someone who just had a baby (even if they aren't a new mom), do something on this list! She will be forever grateful.

1. Be a helpline. Offer to be there any hour of the day and mean it
{You don't know how mant texts, Tweet and FB messages I sent out looking for advice or suggestions. Knowing that someone is there anytime you need her is priceless.}

2. Round up some (healthy) food.
{Casseroles, pizzas and fast food certainly do the trick when you're looking for something quick, but as a new mom, there's nothing more refreshing than some fruit, a nice salad or some granola. Someone brought us fresh cherries from the farmers' market while we were still in the hospital and you would have thought she brought us gold!}

3. Kidnap her Kiddies...not her new one, but the older ones!
{As the mother of just one - for now - I can only imagine how much I would appreciate someone doing this for us when more babies are born. Don't forget to bring them back fed and bathed, if possible!}

4. Clean, if you're close.
{When Chad's mom came to visit, there was never a dirty dish or piece of laundry in sight. I can't tell you how much this helped to have one less thing to worry about.}

5. Or send someone to clean.
{Cleaning lady, what?! How I would have loved this!}

6. Run a couple of errands.
{Return some gifts. Pick up some diapers. Run to the grocery store. Get gas. Anything helps!}

7. Rock the baby.
{Cameron was extremely fussy and it was a God-send when someone else would offer to hold him while he cried. I always felt awful asking people because it's hard, but when they offered, I never said no. This also gave me a few minutes to brush my teeth, wash my face, eat breakfast, shower, etc...}

8. Help her get out of the house
{Anytime I had a doctor's appointment for Cameron, I asked someone to come. It's so much easier to have an extra set of hands to open doors, pick up pacifiers that drop, carry the diaper bag...}

9. Sleep on her couch
{Give up your night and hang out from 7:00 - midnight so the parents can eat dinner together, get some sleep or watch a movie. While you're there, attend to the crying baby and feed him/her so that parents can have a mini break.}

10. Not nearby? Send some help!
{Mail a gift card to a local restaurant for take-out, a pack of diapers or just a note to say HI! And be sure to let her know not to send a thank you card. Of course, they may still send one, but if she knows you don't expect one, it may one less thing she has to do.}

Great list, don't you think?!

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  1. Excellent list. I always told people that I didn't need any grand gestures - the simple things for a new mom go a LOOOOONG way. It sounds silly to say now over a year later but the best I ever felt in those first few weeks was when I had time for a long shower and was able to shave my legs. It made me feel human again. Love to you all!


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