Monday, August 4, 2014

New Blog

Hi, strangers!!! I have been so MIA from the blog world for some time (although I have been following along with your lives from afar), but have been itching to come back. I really miss documenting Cameron and our lives and feel like this is the best to do that.

One big piece of news is that we got MARRIED!! We finally made if official, so with my new last name came a new email address and a new blog. I loved my Strawberry Swing name (It was our wedding song!), but I respect another blogger too much to have the same name. So, I am back to Scott Family of Maine - sound familiar? I promise this is the last switch. ;) It's a new link, though, so please save it! I have started to add some of you to my reading list under my new email, and I can't wait to reconnect!!

Happy August!! I hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer. :)

PS I am looking for an awesome blog designer to give my new page some love...please leave tips if you have them!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Super Babies

I have been completely absent from the blog-world, but I had to write today. I have so much heaviness on my heart for these families...physical pain.

If you have not heard of Super Teddy and Ryan, grab some tissues, because I can't even THINK about these two boys and their families without tearing up.

It's almost Mother's Day, and these two moms don't have a son to hold this Sunday. Or any day. They've both laid their boys to rest WAY too knew the time would come soon and one thought she had 40 more years.

Sweet Teddy had "kinky hair syndrome" or Menkes Syndrome which causes a copper-deficiency in the body. Teddy just turned one. ONE. Ahhhhh, I want to scream thinking about the pain his family is feeling now.

Ryan was being a little boy...he ran after his frisbee and got struck by a truck. In an instant. Can you imagine? I cannot fathom that moment. That pain. That extreme weight on your heart. I have never experienced anything like this, but I can only imagine turning around to the sound of screeching tires and seeing your baby...the human you made...lying helpless on the ground. I would die, too.


So today, my Superhero, Cam, is thinking of both of these boys by wearing his red cape. Red for Ryan. Cape for Teddy. I pray to the Lord to keep all of our superhero babies safe and with us much longer than we are here. They deserve that. Every child deserves that. This is just not fair....

So naive to the world and the pain that comes along with it. I hope I have you forever, baby.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday: Long Overdue

What have we been up to? Let me fill you in a bit...


We moved out of our house on April 12 and have been living in a furnished apartment on the same street that we will be living on when the renovations are done! We have the luxury of not having to have our stuff out of the house until May 10, so I have been able to go through everything and sort, clean, donate, store everything properly. Everyone should have a month to move out of their house. It's so refreshing to know things are going where they belong! Needless to say, we will be having a HUGE yard sale very soon!

Our 650 sq ft apartment until the fall!


My best friend came into town for a few days, and I FINALLY got to meet baby Brooklyn! I LOVE HER. She's the BEST baby ever and so sweet!!


We had a fantastic Easter - low key, delicious food and family. A perfect combination!

Full recap soon? Maybe...


I've won two giveaways recently! I won $25 to Pink Blush Maternity from Mateya, and NO, I am not pregnant, but I do hope to be again one day! ;) They're stuff is adorable...I can't wait to start shopping!

I also won a giveaway from Becky for some Roden & Fields products. Now, if you know me, you know I am an Arbonne girl, but that doesn't mean I don't try other products! Needless to say, I was so excited to try this line that everyone is raving about! They did not disappoint...I have already pampered myself with one facial (micro-dermabrasion paste, night renewing serum and lip renewing serum - my favorite) and can't wait to try the sunless tan foam!


It's finally spring in Maine. That means playgrounds, outdoor running (to train for my 5k on Mother's Day) and less computer/tv time!

What have you been up to? I have been keeping up (barely) and love seeing you all on Instagram!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday: Updates, Moving and Autism Awareness

I have not seen Frozen. They were playing the soundtrack at Tumble Tikes on Sunday, and I had never heard a single song. I have "heard" of Let It Go, but that's it. I would blame it on being a "boy" mom, but, in reality, it's because Cameron won't watch any movie except Toy Story. No lie.

I am still doing #365daysofcameron, but I have not been posting them on here, too. #aintnobodygottimeforthat! Is anyone else still on board? I know I see a few here and there...

I just started taking Bee Pollen...anyone else try this? It's supposed to help with my allergies and give me a natural boost in the morning! I am willing to try ANYTHING!

We are MOVING next weekend...we are currently renting from the lady who bought our house, and she has decided that she's ready to move in. We will live in a 650 sq ft apartment for about six months...BUT, it's across the street from a phat playground and right on a walking path, so we will be all set! I honestly can't wait. And, I love purging when we move/pack, so this is like heaven for me!!

It's Autism Awareness Month! As a Special Education Teacher, this is such a special month for us to celebrate and bring awareness to Autism. It's such a mystery, but produces some of the most amazing people. I just got my annual Autism bracelet from Stella & Dot and can't wait to get it in the mail next week!

We have some fun plans this weekend...a few birthday celebrations (including my dad's), some play dates and lots of packing! 

Happy Friday!

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